I love opening the tin and seeing how my un-scored loaves want to express themselves with their bursts. . This loaf is spelt, made with a technique new to me – I heated 2/3rds of the water to 80C and mixed it into the flour. After letting the mix return to room temperature, I added a tiny amount of starter along with the rest of the water and then let the bread rise overnight at room temperature. . I cooked it in a lidded ceramic tin and, when it was almost done, I took it out of the tin completely and put it back in the oven for 5 minutes. . The crust is very thick and crunchy. The inside is spongy and has bigger holes that I usually see. I’ll be playing around with this technique a bit more over the coming weeks. Thank you @ellys.everyday for passing it to me :-) . Will pop some more pictures in my story today.