When we make ancestral beer, rye sediment builds up at the bottom of the ferment. We strain that out before bottling. I use the larger bits (mixed with some spelt flour) to make a chunky loaf. There are also some really small rye ‘crumbs’, I usually make these into a porridge, but this time I decided to try them in a ‘porridge bread’. . This is the result. A sourdough spelt loaf which includes a porridge made from super-fermented rye crumbs. The porridge makes the crumb really soft and spongy and adds a sour taste that I really like. . Nearly all of my breads these days have some ‘pre-used’ grains in. It feels like the right thing to do. Why should kitchen processes have waste? Fruit scrap vinegar and shrubs, stock from bones and vegetable ends, tea from cacao bean husks and bread from beer left-overs. Surely this is the way forward?! It is, at least, in this kitchen :-)