We have so much basil. Twelve plants that are going it like I’ve never seen before! We’ve had pesto, the leaves in kefir, it chopped up with strawberries….but today I decided to make a dressing, so I whizzed up a huge bunch of basil with lemon, olive oil and a little salt/pepper, then drenched my tomatoes in it. . In a less-starring-role, but just as amazing, on my plate you can see liver from Flavio @valledelsasso, spent grain (from beer) sourdough, home-rendered lard (the fat was from Flavio too), salad from #mercatointransizione down the road and chives from the garden. . I love liver, I love ‘waste’ sourdough, I love saturated fat *and* I love my basil. . Anyone wanna give me some more ideas on what to do with it? I think I can actually see the plants growing back as I type….