These beans are the latest in my quest to find cacao I’m happy with. . I want to know where the cacao I’m going to transform into ancestral drinks comes from; how the farm works. For chocolate-makers who buy in bulk, this information is relatively easy to find. But for the likes of me (I want to buy 1-3kg at a time), that information is not so easily available. . I took a step forward when I found these beans from a Nicaraguan co-operative that I can buy in small quantities. They smelt amazing during the roasting and are ready for the mortar and pestle and my husband Rob’s strong arm! . And more on chocolate – I’ve been doing the show notes for the next #ancestralkitchenpodcast today – it’s all about cacao. I can’t wait to get it out there! Follow us over at @ancestralkitchenpodcast if you’re liking the episodes.