Our kitchen is full of sourdough oat porridge – I made up 3 batches in order to film the videos I’m hoping to get up on my website later in the summer – so I thought I’d try putting some leftover porridge into my spelt sourdough. . And it worked beautifully. Here’s the resulting loaf. It’s got the crunchy crust that I love, but the crumb is springy and soft. . If you have leftover porridge and you want to give this a go, follow the recipe in my profile for the Sourdough Wholegrain Spelt Loaf and when you get to part where you make a ‘scald’ simply substitute the same weight of cooked porridge. . Hidden in the resources tab of my site there are plenty of other recipes. And I’m in the process of setting up a mailing list – if you’d like to be on it, there’s a link to it in my profile too.