I’m trying to train this little man to do things around the house. And also to manage money – he gets a couple of Euros a week (which he currently is spending on crystals from @laporta_doriente in town) for, amongst other things, mixing all our breads. We eat homemade sourdough every day, so it’s quite a responsibility. . This picture is a spent grain dough, so it’s quite sticky. He’s also super-good with sourdough pizza (he makes better dough than me!). . One day he will realise that our world – of sourdough bread, no supermarkets, real food; our world of virtually no sugar, no ‘sweets’, no soft drinks; our world of no car, no deferring to medical ‘professionals’, no TV – is “different”. I hope, by then, he’ll be so adept and so in love with it, that it’ll stay in his heart for ever. . And I love watching what he brings to my kitchen and my world. . Baking – part of the #veryfarmish challenge for July from @farmandhearth @tiffany.bye and @untamed.nourishment.