Yesterday was my birthday. Not quite sure how I got to 46. I’m still 20 something in my head…and in the kitchen. Anyone else feel like that? . For the fun of it, I decided to cook something I’d never cooked before: calzone, folded pizza. . I used the sourdough spelt pizza recipe that you can find in my profile. I filled it with sausage from @valledelsasso, onions, mushrooms and sage from the garden. . Check my story for Gabriel’s reaction and a steamy pic of the inside! . Rest of the food day was just as tasty. Super-soured oat porridge for breakfast which fizzed – I love it with miso, linseed and zingy olive oil. And supper was lectin-free millet and sorghum sourdough with eggs from @valdisieveintransizione market scrambled in lard (again from Flavio’s pigs). . Coincidentally (or maybe not so, syncronicities abound in my world beliefs) we made a big decision yesterday about our future. It was and is scary. My hubby said *all* things worth anything are scary. I think of all my changes – losing weight, leaving corporate, choosing to try for a baby naturally despite doctor’s tell me I’d never get pregnant, moving countries and I agree. . I can’t get rid of the fear, but I can sit down at the table with the two people I love most in the world and eat pizza :-)