I did it! I made my first authentic mesoamerican ancestral cacao drink, from scratch! . This is Pozol. It’s corn that I nixtamalised and ground, then fermented for 2 days. I mixed that with cacao that I sourced from a family-run co-operative in Ecuador. . My husband, who tries all my experiments truly loved this. He described it as ‘fantastic’. The corn lends it sweetness, a floral taste and thickness; the cacao such depth, bitterness and kick. . The mesoamerican original cultivators and worshippers of these two amazing plants – corn and cacao – knew what they were doing with this drink! . So grateful for the rabbit-hole that the 700-page ‘The Secret Life of Chocolate’ has sent me down. Leaning about how indigenous new world communities interacted with corn and cacao is enriching my life greatly. . If you want to know more about the book, I talk about it on the latest @ancestralkitchenpodcast with @farmandhearth. And I’m thinking we need a whole episode dedicated to chocolate in the future! . There will be some more pictures of my process in my story today – saved to my Chocolate highlight if you’re here later.