Most Saturday mornings our apartment smells of roasting coffee as my husband, Rob, prepares his beans for the week. He buys them in bulk, green, and roasts them in our cast iron pan, meditatively stirring for almost an hour. . He does this for 2 reasons: Firstly the taste – he likes them fresh and he likes a very light roast, more fruity and complex than heavy, bitter coffees. Secondly for health – the beans are fresher and are much less likely to have the mould very common on pre-roasted beans. . I also think he likes standing there, stirring. That’s usually my domain, so it’s a novelty for him ;-) . I don’t drink roasted coffee. I have what one might term a ‘delicate’ nervous system! But, interestingly, I do like to boil up the green beans and drink green coffee. . Seeing as it’s #internationalcoffeeday on Thursday and that one of this month’s #veryfarmish challenge posts is Hot Drink, I thought I’d snap a pic and share the beautiful colour of the two different organic beans he’s doing here.