“The almond crop alone relies on trucking some 88 billion bees from their wintering homes which is some cases are up to 1,000 miles away…some of these hives will travel 10,000 miles of roads each year.” . I was completely astounded when I read this in the book Dancing with Bees. It’s talking about almond farming in California. . I ask myself again and again, “What are we doing?”. . And then I turn my attention to what’s in my shopping bag and, with trepidation, think about what has gone into each and every thing that I buy. . These are Italian organic almonds. I’ve soaked them for a day in ample water with salt added. This neutralises the mineral-depleting phytic acid. They’ll go on top of our fermented oats for breakfast a fair bit this week. . And as I eat them, I’m super-grateful for every crunch. . Sustainable? (I’ve added a question mark!) post for the last of this month’s wonderful #veryfarmish