Fermenting is a creative act for me. And I take every opportunity to try out new (to me) ferments. . Thanks to @rootkitchens I found out about Sowans. It is a traditional Scottish oat ferment. And it is currently on the go in my kitchen! . I cracked and ground the whole (local – yippee!) oats till they looked like small rolled oats. . I sieved them, putting aside the rolled oats for porridge, and keeping the hull and white ‘dust’ (the squashed inside of the oats) for this ferment. . I poured water over this hull/’dust’ mix and stirred. . It’s now sitting on my ferment shelf, next to the sauerkraut, bread kvass and kefir. . In a few days I’ll carefully pour off the liquid, trying not to disturb the oaty sediment. . This liquid will be the Sowans. We’ll drink it. The sediment at the bottom is the Swats – I’ll cook that up to a porridge. . I’ll report back in a few days…exciting!! . If you fancy giving it a go, check out @rootkitchens . This is my #veryfarmish ferment post. Thank you to my co-hosts @farmandhearth @thebyefamilyfarm and @untamed.nourishment. I am so enjoying sharing my passions and nosing into other people’s wonderful treasure troves of experience, knowledge and projects.