Books that hit the spot for me get me so excited! These are the foodie books I’m currently reading. . From top left clockwise: . La Cucina degli Antenati (basically translates as ‘the ancestral kitchen’). I am super-stoked I found this book. It goes through the Italian year month by month showing what’s in season, what you can forage, what was traditionally being preserved, food proverbs and traditions. It has sections on herbs and old-world techniques as well as a chapter on ‘fantastical foods’. It is so perfect for the #veryfarmish challenge. I love it and don’t think it’ll leave my side for many years! . Honey from a Weed by Patience Gray. This is a treasure trove of Mediterranean recipes, techniques, food traditions and the like. It has stunning prose. I sigh a lot whilst reading it and I want to make everything in it…of course ;-) . The Plant Paradox. This is about lectins in plants and is interesting reading, particularly because the issues it uncovers seem to have parallels with the way certain vegetables have been prepared for millennia by our ancestors. I’m sure, once I’ve finished it, I’ll be reporting back. . Crops in Pots. I have a tiny tiny patio yet I want to explore vegetable gardening. This year has been fumbling and learning. Next year, after this book, I hope I’ll be a bit more organised! . Cooking up a Better Food Future. This arrived from France yesterday! The @parabereforum have such a worthwhile and exciting mission. The book is a collection of essays by women who work in and want to change our food culture. There is such power in unity, in togetherness. I can’t wait to read more of this. . Sanguinaccio. This is about blood; Italy has a long history of using blood in sausage-like creations and also in tortes and pastry-style dishes. I am *fascinated* by this and despite the hard language, am constantly wanting to go back to this book. I have no idea how I might be able to make it happen, but I know I want to have a go at some of these recipes. . Book stack monologue complete :-) Anyone reading or read any of these? Or anything similar?