I’m determined to get supermarkets out of my life. I was almost there in the UK, but moving to another country set me back somewhat! I’ve managed it for meat, some flour and a lot of our vegetables, but I’m not there yet. . Over breakfast, I got super-focused on my next food moves. They are: . 1/ Go to the Florence Fierucola bread festival and scout for locally-grown and milled wholegrain spelt and rye flour. 2/ Visit our local co-operative store and try to find a super local organic vegetable grower. 3/ Get on it with fish! Go visit Fabio Gallerini at the Sant’Ambrogio market in Florence and see what local fish I can find. . And my general foodie plans also include: . 4/ Finding a butcher to teach me how to cut up a pig and how to make the wonderful Italian sausages I see all around me, and 5/ Getting more offal next month from Flavio at @lavalledelsasso, maybe even cooking some brains for the first time? . I’m very excited about all of this. That’s what keeps me going when I find dead ends and my language skills fail me. I will get there!