#71 – How We Cook Shapes the World We Live In with Abby Allen from Pipers Farm

Piper’s Farm was founded in 1989 by Peter Grieg and his wife, Henri. It’s just north of Exeter in Devon, Britain, and today it is run by their son Will and his partner, Abby, in a multi-generational partnership and succession achievement.

Peter Grieg worked for his father’s farm and shop business and saw the factory farm model brought from the US to the UK, by his father, post-WWII; and he watched it evolve into the beast it has become today. He never felt right raising animals under the oppressive, unhealthy conditions that the factory farm requires, and his development of Pipers Farm and the multi-farm network it involves today has been a many-decades long de-evolution, back to the older traditional methods of animal husbandry, community network, and local butchery.

Abby is the co-author of Pipers Farm Sustainable Meat Cookbook: Recipes and Wisdom for Considered Carnivores. She is the one we talk to here in this episode. Abby’s thoughts are profound and distinct and she shares them here in vibrant clarity with the background and the farm experience to match. How is meat to be ethically handled, how does waste factor into all of this, why are consumers so key to sustainable farms, and even what are some details we can use in the kitchen to improve our meat preparation!

Patrons of the pod will find a selection of recipes from the cookbook in their Treasure Trove ready to download today, and we will talk about a few more in the episode here. Patrons can also check their private podcast feed to enjoy a short bonus aftershow with Abby where we went just a little deeper and more informally into some of what we covered on the show. So much about our food system can be depressing and dismal, Abby will leave us inspired by the beauty that is possible and the strength of choice that each one of us has.

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