Kitchen Table Chats #30 – Cooking During Busy Times/with Babies, ‘Natural’ Sugars, Pig Butchery & Coming Off Instagram

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Thanks for your support! Today we cover the three questions below plus talk about coming off Instagram.

Kelsey’s question:

During busy seasons, pregnancy sickness, newborns, moving properties, busy work schedule, etc, what tips do you have for still cooking ancestral food?

Megan’s question:

It’s possible this has been covered somewhere and I’ve not seen it yet, but I’d love to hear a breakdown about types of “natural sugars”. For example rapadura versus sucanat .. are these the same thing or two different things? When you search online you can find conflicting info. I’m interested in this in general, but especially through the lenses of making water kefir.

Nick’s question:

Any tips/tricks/hacks for pig butchering time, especially more than one at a time? I’ve relistened to the original episode with Naomi a couple times now to glean information from the Slovak butchering tradition (which is also the episode that got me hooked to the podcast!) and know little bits from how my family used to do it but would be interested in any advice!


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