One bite, two dreams: . Cracklings from home-rendered lard on top of home-made oatcakes . 1/ A time when we realise to profound damage that industrial seed oils are doing to ourselves and our planet and re-embrace the wisdom of traditional, local fat rendered in our own kitchens (plus eat the crunchy left-overs!) . 2/ A time when local farms supply local needs and small producers can grow oats for the people around them; people who know oats aren’t just for oatmeal and create a myriad of dishes with them. . If you would like support to forward both of these check out @ancestralkitchenpodcast (we have a fats episode and will have an oats episode releasing in the next few week) and also visit my site (link is in my profile) for tonnes of oat recipes and details on how to render lard.