Mace is my favourite spice. Last week, I stumbled on it whole in my local herbalist shop. . Italy has a herbalist (‘erboristeria’) in most towns. Some of them have almost been taken over by ‘products’ (i.e. the plastic-encased things you can spray or squeeze!) but usually, at the back, there are shelves and shelves of herbs and behind the counter there is an extremely knowledgeable person who can help with a myriad of things…including getting me some whole mace! . So back to the mace. I love it with sweet potato, add it to my fermenting beet kvass and often plop some into my stock pot at it’s bubbling. . Here I’m grinding it with all spice berries, black pepper and sea salt to make a spice mix for beef liver pate. The pate will also include onion, mushrooms, red wine and lots of butter/lard. Mace mixed with all spice brings wonderful warm tones to the pate, making liver-eating a really pleasurable experience (my 9-year-old loves it). . Have you tried mace? What do you use it for?