Black oats! I finally got to see them in the field at @hafodcheese – thank you Rebecca for taking us around your beautiful Welsh Farm. . These are being grown as part of Holden Farm’s crop rotation (as well as making Hafod cheese onsite, they also grow oats and peas). The black oats were *almost* lost – they have the most incredible journey of rediscovery (if you’re interested google Llafur Ni (our grains, in Welsh) to find the Gaia foundation’s beautiful film). Incredible thanks to @the_edible_gardener for being the co-ordinator – I only heard amazing things about you on my trip :-). This, along with the work that @harrigendall is doing with pillas, the Cornish naked oat that was also almost lost, is bringing me so much closer to British oats and informing the shape of the oat book I am at the very early stages of writing. . I didn’t get to try any of these black oats, but I did (thanks to @kitchencounterculture) come home with a packet of British naked oats from @hodmedods. I’m excited to play with them – my fellow oaty-nerds have told me the flavour is amazing. . I’ll post more pictures in my story today – including my 9-year old with Holden Farm pigs (that was his favourite part of the visit), the delicious cheese we took away with us and a magic book find I made :-)