Long-matured oat and honey cookies. . I finally have a good-looking cookie…I can’t tell you how many cookies my family have had to eat to get to these photogenic ladies :-) . I wanted to keep them simple. The dough is based on equal amount of oat flour and honey, ‘fermented’ together for 6 weeks. Then, before baking, I add butter, spices and baking powder. . Along the way I’ve learnt how cookies baked with butter are liable to spread more than those baked with oil (as the dough is more solid and therefore more susceptible to ‘melting’ in the oven) and also how refrigerating dough before baking really helps cookies hold their shape better. . This recipe will go into the oat cookbook I’m dreaming of writing. If, in the meantime, you love oats, check out my $8 course ‘Fermenting Oats’ at @thefermentationschool. Or, if you fancy having a go at a long-matured/fermented cookies in general, there’s an article on my site explaining how to make them. You can find a link in my bio under the recipes section.