My 9-year-old son’s breakfast: . In the glass is Boza, the ancestral fermented drink made from millet that is traditional in Turkey and the Balkans (you can hear more about it in the latest @ancestralkitchenpodcast episode ‘What Fermented Drinks Can I Make?’). It’s fizzy, sweet, tangy and full of probiotics; my son loves it. . On the plate is apple and pecorino cheese (both from the local cooperative @vicaspontassieve) and a home-made bean-to-bar 95% cacao chocolate from my last batch. . It’s really important to me that I can put together my son’s breakfast quickly. He eats at 6.30am. This plate is flavourful, nutritious and, importantly, it only took me 5 minutes to put together. That means that not only could I get all his stuff ready for school and tend my ferments, but I also got an early morning cup of tea and a quiet sofa moment before the day was unleashed! . If you want to have a go at my son’s two favourites, video courses for Boza and Bean-to-Bar Chocolate are available in the ‘courses’ section of my website :-)