Fermented Chestnuts! I discovered these by accident (“I wonder what’ll happen if I stick these chestnuts in some honey and put them somewhere warm?!”) last year and they were a revelation…so, of course, I couldn’t wait to do them again this year! . They are boozy (in a delicious mead way), spicy and soft. I’m planning to cover them in home-made bean-to-bar chocolate and then feel like a goddess as I eat them over the festive period! . If you want to have a go, score, roast and peel your chestnuts. Take time over it, so as to get as many as possible in one piece. Add to a jar along with some whole spices. Top up with a 50/50 (by weight) mix of honey (preferably unpasteurised) and water. Try to get the chestnuts under the liquid. Put a loose lid on. Keep somewhere warm (ideally 22-28C) and stir gently every day. They’ll take a good couple of weeks…keep tasting the liquid to judge how they are coming on! . I’ll put more pics in my story today and save as a highlight too.