Here’s what’s on this plate, from 2 o’clock, clockwise: . Left over fermented oat porridge (method on my homepage) Crisped-up home-cured lardo (Italian pork fat – recipe in my newsletter tomorrow) Local salad and tomato, topped with sauerkraut (recipe on my site) Liver pate (recipe from @almostbananas) Sourdough rye ‘borodinsky’-style bread (included in my course over at @thefermentationschool, link in profile) soaked in lard left from the crispy lardo pan! . All of this (aside the tomato) was pre-prepared. Having things sitting in my fridge, waiting for me to put together is *such* a vital part of my kitchen. . Make too much. Make in bulk. Make it routine. Use the fridge. Use the freezer. And Ferment! All my carbs here are fermented and the fat and cabbage are too. . What’s waiting for you in your fridge/bread bin today? I’d love to know!