I have foraged a lot of blackberries this summer. And as I’ve walked, collecting, I’ve thought of how much bounty the lanes, riversides and fields would have routinely given us, for free, in the past. How women before me would’ve walked the same paths, their heads full of knowledge of all the plants they could find and eat. . For me, growing up in the UK, wild blackberries seemed to be the last crumbs of this knowledge. I didn’t realise back then that there would have been and could be so much more wild, foraged food. . I talk everyday to people on here that are re-learning what amazing nutrition and medicine the ‘weeds’ around us can provide and that gives me hope. Hope that what all the wise women – whose DNA resides in our own – knew will *not* be lost. . If you’re foraging and/or learning today, thank you! . The details of this improvised leftover/foraged deliciousness are in my story today.