Flaking whole oat groats today in order to make Sowans, the traditional Scottish oat fermentation that results in both a porridge and a probiotic drink. . Oat growers in Scotland would have historically made this ferment with what was left *after* the processing of their sacks of oats at the local mill. They’d take their grains in and get two bags back – one as the rolled oats and the other was the ‘crumbs’ that were left over. Not wanting to waste, it’s these crumbs that they fermented to make Sowans. . I don’t grow oats and I don’t have access to the crumbs left over when they are milled…but I do have a Marcato Marga grinder that allows me to flake the oats and then use the crumbs to recreate this amazing ferment! . It’ll be 5 days until this is ready. I’m a bit of an extreme fermenter and I like my food sour :-) . I’ve a course on how to make Sowans (whatever equipment you do or don’t have) over at @the fermentation school. There’s a link to it in my profile.