We’ve been waiting excitedly for these green coffee beans from @mountelgoncoffeeandhoneycoop. They arrived Friday so this weekend was coffee roasting! . I drink green coffee only, but my hubby, Rob, drinks it dark and loves to roast at home. . Here are the beans going into the pre-heated cast iron pan. They’ll take about 60 minutes, during which we usually read out loud as a family whilst appreciating the roasting aromas! . Rob loves roasting his own beans because it’s healthier (less acrylamides, less change of mold), he feels better (no sleep issues and more vibrant feeling in his body after drinking) and it’s tastier (freshly roasted tastes so much better). . In addition, buying directly from the people who grew it (in such a cool way) feels good. . Roasting at home was so much more prevalent just a few generations back. Do you home-roast? Or have you tried home-roasted?