I love this statement from @historicalitalianfood’s article deconstructing The Mediterranean Diet. . We, as a society, believe so much about our food and our health that just does not stack up when you scratch under the surface. . How is that whole food paradigms that are followed by millions turn out to not be based on the truth? Why after years of walking this path am I still uncovering truths that change the fabric of everything I’ve ever been taught? . These are our bodies. This is our health. These are the lives of our children. I praise every single person that’s wanted to (or been forced to by bad health) find the truth. Keep going. Keep sharing. . Whilst recording our patron-exclusive podcast, Kitchen Table Chats, @farmandhearth and I often talk earnestly about food lies and food truths. Because they are *so* important. Our next episode will dive deeply into the ‘Mediterranean’ diet and what we’ve both learnt. . Thank you @historicalitalianfood, thank you @homegrown_education, thank you @farmandhearth and thank you @food.lies