Lard and bread. They are so good together! . Here’s my recipe for Pane con Ciccioli a.k.a. lard crackling bread. It’s inspired by the litany of bread recipes that see the left over crunchy bits from lard-rendering cushioned in soft carby pillows. . Because I’m a sourdough girl, I make mine with wild yeast and because I adore spelt, that’s what I’ve used here. I thought I’d have a bit of fun by making a rolled up, strudel-style loaf and added some garlic and rosemary for an additional pep. . You can find a link to the recipe in my profile. . I know Italians have been combining lard and bread for a looong time and I’ve recently learnt about a crackling bread sold by street vendors in Argentina. I get access to so many cultures here on IG, anyone else got a lard crackling bread they want to share with me? :-)