Making lardo using what’s around me, as those who walked this land before me would have done for many, many years. . Bay leaves, a present from our veg grower. Juniper berries, long-used in Italian curing. Garlic, locally-grown. Rosemary from the garden. Salt from Sardinia. Pig back fat from Flavio @valledelsasso. . The only thing that’s not Italian, but has been coming here via spice routes for centuries, is the black pepper . I use the @rivercottagehq recipe from @lambposts’s book. Instead of wrapping the fat in plastic, I use baking paper. Once covered in the cure, the fat will go into the meat drawer in my fridge (I have no place to hang) with water-filled olive oil bottles on top of it to weigh it down. It’ll stay there for months – last time it was about 3…this time I might go for more. . Another pic in my story today and I’ve got a highlight titled ‘curing’ if you want to see more.