I *love* drizzling an abundance of olive oil on my pizza after it has come out of the oven. . @farmandhearth and I just recorded an @ancestralkitchenpodcast on fats. Talking about them reminded me of the first time I experienced fresh, made-with-love, local olive oil here in Italy. . It was a world away from the sad jar of oil that sat in my Mum’s UK kitchen cupboard when I was growing up. The local one was green, it was cloudy and man, it was peppery! . And that makes sense. The olive trees are here in Italy, not in the UK. The fruit can go from tree to press to bottle to my pizza without having to involve miles of transportation and months of sitting on shelves. . It was clear when Andrea and I talked for the podcast that we both overwhelmingly use the fats that are around us geographically. As would have 99% of those who came before us. Fat transportation and marketing is a very recent part of our food history. . The episode will come out at the beginning of June. Meantime, whether you want to put butter, tallow, lard or olive oil on your pizza, there’s a recipe for this sourdough spelt base in my profile. . Thanks to @tibiona.italia for the flour, @fontedeiserri for the raw grass-fed cow’s milk mozzarella, @vicaspontassieve for the olive oil and #mercatointransizione for a lot of the other toppings!