Sausage on a bed of broth-cooked sorghum topped with a tomato sauce made with lardo. . Sausage from Flavio @valledelsasso just around the corner. . Broth-cooked sorghum has been a staple in my kitchen since I found it was grown in Italy. So many people I talk to do not know what sorghum is. It’s gluten and lectin-free, it’s tasty and still has a bite when cooked and you can use it like you would rice (or here as you would pasta) in a dish. (There’s a recent @ancestralkitchenpodcast episode on broth if you want more stock inspiration). . Pig fat was the traditional base for tomato sauce in Italy until very recently. I used lardo (which is cured – there are some pictures of how I cured my own in my story highlights). It imparts such lush texture and deep flavour to the end result that I’m not going back to olive oil. . I’m doing this sauce again later in the week to get more photos for my upcoming #wapf article on Italian fats through history. . Have you made tomato sauce with pig fat, lard or lardo?