I spent most of the long weekend on my feet in the kitchen (doing lots of things with pork fat and liver, pictures to follow!) so I wanted a quick and easy breakfast this morning. This took about 5 minutes: I cracked the goose egg (it was huge – check my story today!) in the pan. Whilst it was cooking, I spooned out some previously-cooked millet and heated up an (off camera) cup of pork stock. . Mid-morning I had a snack of pig skin crunchies (I filmed a video on how to make them which will go up soon) and some spelt sourdough and then for lunch I had spiced lentils cooked in stock with broccoli and lard-spread buckwheat sourdough. . This’ll all keep me going whilst I talk transatlantic to @farmandhearth this afternoon. We are excited to watch the community growing around @ancestralkitchenpodcast and want to create space where we can all go deeper, talk longer, share and learn more. Got to get ourselves organised to build what we want to see…I’m doing it lard, stock, egg and lentil fuelled :-)