I like to keep breakfast simple. I mostly choose something that’s already in the fridge and I like to have 2 or 3 things on repeat. My creativity has time for expression later in the day when I haven’t got to get a 7-year-old fed, watered and out of the house. . This is where sowans – the fermented Scottish oat preparation – is a wonder. I grabbed this pre-made jar from the fridge this morning. I poured off the probiotic liquid and drank some whilst I heated up the porridge for my breakfast. . Add my porridge staples – ground linseed, a few soaked almonds, a spoon of barley miso and a generous drizzle of local olive oil and I was done. . Despite the Scottish and Japanese influences, all of this was grown in Italy, which makes me smile. . Check my story today for a couple of videos of how I prepare the sowans. My course on how to do it is available over at @thefermentationschool