I’ve never made pork crackling this good. . I bought some belly pork (rigatino in Italian) from @valledelsasso for my hubby, Rob. He loves it roasted. I never remember roasting temps, so internet-search it every time. This time, I scrolled a bit and found @recipe_tin’s Crispy Slow-Cooked Pork. . It went against a lot of the ‘normal’ crackling routine. I didn’t score the fat at all. I cooked it long and slow in a little bath made from foil, followed by levelling it out and then cranking the heat up. . It was amazing. The fat was airy and crispy all the way across, with no hard bits and no soggy-left-behind bits. The flesh and fat underneath we so juicy and tender as they’d been sort of ‘confit’ed in their juices. . Next time you have a go at roasting a fatty pork joint, I’d recommend trying this method. You’ll find a *really* detailed post on Recipe Tin Eat’s site. . More pictures, including the ‘bath’, in my story today.