I found a copy of Pellegrino Artusi’s famous late 1800s cookbook for 1 Euro in my local herbalist’s shop yesterday. Turns out an old lady who is friend’s with the herbalist was decluttering. I was chuffed as I’ve been looking at it on bookshelves since we moved back here to Italy. . It’s just in time for the research I’m doing for an @ancestralkitchenpodcast episode I’m recording with @farmandhearth next week. The iconic book has three pizza recipes in it, *all* of which are sweet and have eggs in. . I feel another ‘historical myth’ needs busting (check my last post for a busted one on olive oil): . Pizza as we know it was not widespread in Italy until very recently. . @historicalitalianfood’s book confirms it. So many of the women interviewed say something along the lines of ‘I didn’t try pizza until the 80s’. . So, I say, if you want to put left over chicken on your pizza (as I have done here!) go do it. Put sweet things on it (I once at Guava on a pizza in Brazil) heck, even pineapple. Just know what the toppings will do to your base so you don’t end up all soggy (unless you want that!) . The recipe for this sourdough spelt pizza base is in my profile.