All grains, and all ways of cooking grains are not equal. . Grains have been part of our diet for more than 12,000 years, but it’s only very recently that we’ve eaten them highly-industrialised and outsourced their preparation and cooking to corporations. . In the past, I’ve avoided grains. Now they are a central part of my kitchen. But how I use and eat them looks nothing like how it did in my Mum’s kitchen. In today’s podcast episode @farmandhearth and I share what grains we eat and how we prepare them. You’ll hear a lot of talk of various forms of fermentation, a discussion on reintroducing grains into your diet and some easy ways for you to unlock the nutritional power of grains in your own kitchen. . You can download using your podcast app – search for @ancestralkitchenpodcast, or you can stream/download from my site – there’s a link in my profile.