All the little holes in this muffin were made from yeasts that came from the pineapple sage plant in my garden. How cool is that?! . Gabriel, my son, mixed the muffins, which are spelt, adding his choice of cocoa powder and strawberries. We used a starter made with the pineapple sage yeast water (there’s a shot a few pics back in my feed) and also added the same yeast water as the liquid component of the dough. . The cocoa powder was un-dutched, it makes so much difference to the taste and nutrient levels (if you’re a chocolate fan, check out my latest podcast). . Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas to help make my muffin crumb softer a while back – this time I used olive oil. It made a huge difference. There’s more mileage here though and I’ll be experimenting again for the next batch. . There are more photos and a little video in my story today.