There is a lot of this in our house at the moment. . It’s sourdough rye spice bread. I’ve got one in the freezer, one just cooked and one fermenting! On top of that, there’ll be another one being mixed up tomorrow. . Tomorrow’s I’ll be mixing up live as part of the zoom cook-up I’m doing with @farmandhearth. The event is based on Nourishing Traditions, the cookbook we dedicated a recent podcast episode to and that we both *love*. . In addition to my spice bread, we’ll be making, thanks to Andrea, lemon mousse and root beer. I think her kitchen is currently as stuffed with those as mine is with spiced sourdough! . If you’re not following our podcast account yet, you can find it at @ancestralkitchenpodcast. All the details for the Patreon community are on the profile over there. . In the meantime, if you happen to be near Florence and you want some spice bread, I’m in till our weekly #mercatointransizione trip at 4pm. This slice is yours :-)