This is sourdough oat polenta bread. That sounds like three different foods in one, right? Well, it kinda is… . I fermented the ground wholegrain oats for a couple of days (inoculated with some sourdough starter). When fizzy, I cooked them up with water and made a polenta-style dish which we ate like porridge. . I then stuffed the (intentional) leftovers into a small loaf tin and packed them down! A hour or so later and I turned out this :-) . We’ll slice it throughout the week to make an easy breakfast/supper and if I’ve got more time, I’ll probably fry some slices in ghee or lard. . I plan to include this process in a set of three videos I’m hoping to film over the summer. They’ll walk you through the whole fermenting – polenta-ing – bread-ing process. . In addition to IG, you can now sign up to my (forthcoming) mailing list (link in profile) if you want to keep in touch with my kitchen.