Underneath all those chives (can you tell I’m enthusiastic about my garden chives?!) is a stew made from mutton. . When I heard from my farmer, Flavio @valledelsasso, that grass-fed mutton was available, I jumped. I love anything that I can slow-cook (for convenience, yes, but equally, for flavour). Plus 100% grass-fed – yes, please! . There is no stigma, in this house, attached to ‘old’ meat. Why shouldn’t a sheep have a pleasant life on Flavio’s farm, being allowed to live, to nutrify the ground, to eat the grass and to provide wool? That seems a lot better than killing an young animal, just because it’s culturally fashionable (and easier to cook) that way. . I bought 3 kg. One of those went in this, it”ll last us 4/5 days. I’ve already decided that the next kilo will be cooked with beetroot and warming spices.