My oat fermentation team!! . In the middle are oats rolled from the whole grain yesterday (using a #marcatomarga hand grinder) that have been fermenting overnight with a blob of sourdough starter. See the band of water? That’s a sign of the vigorousness of the ferment. I’ll stir these and then transfer them to the fridge. They’ll be cooked up as porridge over the next 2-3 breakfasts. . Flanking them, on either side, are the ‘crumbs’ that were created when I rolled the oats. I sieved them off and am wild-fermenting them with a lot of water to make the Scottish ‘Sowans’ – which will give me both a drink and a porridge. . More pictures in my story today and a lot more details in my ‘Sowans’ highlight. . I’m going to record some simple videos later in the summer on oat fermentation so you can see all this in progress.