This is porridge – but not like I’ve ever known it. It is porridge made out of ‘waste’; left-overs from my ancestral beer-making process. . To make the beer (which is again, not like any beer I’ve ever known!), I use local spelt, that I sprout and bake before fermentation. When the drink is ready, I sieve out the large spelt chunks and use them in bread-making. I then pour the liquid into bottles, flavour and then leave for a few more days to ferment. As that happens the sediment falls and settles on the bottom. It’s this that I use, after we’ve drink the beer, for porridge. . This batch of beer was flavoured with molasses, fennel seeds and orange zest. . Those flavours sit so beautifully on top of the tangy spelt and the consistency is smooth and creamy. . It’s pre-digested and full of postbiotics and paraprobiotics. . And, it makes the beer that we love completely zero-waste :-)