I know I am not the only one, right?! . Multiple books on the go at once, wanting to make *all* the breads, exciting fermentation ideas pushing their way into every corner. . And then, trying to do it all, I realise that I’m exhausted, I’ve not sat and done nothing all week, I’m overloaded. . Having been through this cycle hundreds of times, I’ve learnt (kind of) to accept, breathe and know that not everything that bubbles about in my head can actually convert to practical bubbling in my kitchen and *that is OK*. . Here’s how I know I’m getting better: Sometimes I catch myself saying to Rob, “let’s not do grind those oats/make that bread/start some sauerkraut today, there’s enough going on”. Alison, letting something go, shock, horror! . Being passionate and wanting to do it all is just one of the things @farmandhearth and I talk about in today’s @ancestralkitchenpodcast – Kitchen Management and Avoiding Burnout. There’s also resource management, clarity, workgroups, routine, organisation and much more. . You can find the podcast by searching from Ancestral Kitchen in your podcast provider, or you can stream it from my site using the link in my profile. . And if you want to share some ‘doing too much’ stories, or tell me how you’re living with that part of yourself, I’d love to hear.