What do books mean to you and your kitchen creativity? . For me they are *such* joy. To have in my hands someone else’s passion. To witness the words they’ve crafted; the journey they’ve been on. And to let that permeate and inspire me. . In today’s podcast, I talk about three that are inspiring me right now: . The Secret Life of Chocolate by @nocturnalherbalist Wild Fermentation by @sandorkraut Naturally Fermented Bread by @morgancarsandbread . And then Andrea talks about three of her all-time favourites. . You can listen by finding Ancestral Kitchen Podcast on your podcast provider, or you can stream from my site – the link’s in my profile. . We want to record more episodes on books. Let me know what you’re reading, what you love having on your shelf and what’s your go-to. I’d love to natter about it :-)