This is a Yes But Hot Cross Bun. Yes, a Hot Cross Bun. . But… . It’s sourdough. It’s local spelt. It uses flax egg, not a real egg. It doesn’t have any sugar in. It’s topped with lard! . Toasted Hot Cross Buns where one of my favourite foods when I was younger. When I was younger, I ate a lot differently to how I do now. This year, spurred on by @ellys_everyday fabulous recipe, I wanted to bring them back and show my son how to make them. . He doesn’t eat egg, so we used flax. I don’t eat sugar, so we left out all the sweeteners and halved the dried fruits. . The smell was heavenly (don’t spices rock?!). The taste was wonderful. Amazing how, when you’re not used to sweet, you taste sweet so intensely. . And the lard, I’d never have guessed, but boy, it works! . I asked my two boys what they thought of my ‘modified’ tradition. The big one said, “I’m not complaining”, the small one said, “Mum, they are looovely!” . Success.