Connection is one of the biggest motivators in my life. This simple lunch speaks of it. Heart from Flavio, at @valledelsasso. I walked, with my husband and son, to pick it up. Millet that’s from the Italian soil. Broccoli bought at our Thursday market here in Pontassieve @valdisieveintransizione. . I love finding connection at my table. . And I also love finding it here on Instagram. Being ‘out of the ordinary’ and moving many times over the last decade, has often left me feeling more isolated than I’ve wanted. Sharing my kitchen and table here has brought me so much beauty. Thank you for all the conversations. . One lovely connection, with Andrea over at @farmandhearth, has developed into an Ancestral Food podcast. I’m so excited! Not only do I get to chat about something I really love with someone who gets it, but thanks to technology, we get to share it with others and hopefully build more and more connection, community and love. . We’re launching on Tuesday. I’ll be posting then, but if you’re in, you can follow us at @ancestralkitchenpodcast