This ‘bread’ isn’t for eating…it’s for making a 5,000 year old drink! . I’ve decided to have a go at making ‘Bouza’ the ancient Egyptian fermented beer. I’m using Italian spelt grain (and that’s the only ingredient, other than water). . First, I soaked the grain. Half of it is being sprouted. I then processed up the other half to make these small loaves. They’ve been ovened for just 15 minutes – they’ve a crust, but the inside is still raw and as such holds the yeasts and bacteria which will ferment the rest of the spelt. . When the sprouts are ready, I’ll mix them, the water and some sourdough starter together, before breaking up this bread and mixing it in. . Exciting!! . I took a picture of the recipe, which is from #wildfermentation, I’ll pop it into my story in a bit.