I love it when I create a dish here in my little Italian kitchen, for my two boys, that comes directly from an IG friend’s creativity and sharing. . This is the delicious Pongal, something I would never have known about it if not for @kobofermentary. It’s an ancient Indian dish, traditionally made at harvest festival. I fermented rice that I previously ‘broke’ in the coffee grinder and then toasted it in coconut oil before cooking it long and slow with some tumeric. . To top it, I bloomed cinnamon, cardamom and anise in coconut oil, then added dried coconut. . Not very traditional – I left out the dahl and swapped out ghee (both sue to my son’s sensitivites) but very, very delicious. . And, excitingly, in zero-waste mode, I even have a use for the water I soaked/fermented the rice in; I’m going to wash my hair in it!! Check out my story today for the details :-)