Sitting down, together with my family, at the table for virtually every meal provides rhythm, comfort and connection to my days. . On Sundays, we often have sourdough spelt pizza. Seeing as my son is super-enthusiastic about food, I’m slowly training him to complete all the steps. . He measures out the levain on Saturday morning. He mixes the dough on Saturday evening ready for the fridge. He stretches and folds it through Sunday morning, using the timer and gauging its lightness. Then he decides on the toppings and helps me stretch out the mix ready for the pizza stone. . Just like the chocolate he made yesterday, I hope this process is imparting an understanding of and value for the food that we share together. It was when I deeply got involved in the creation of my own food that the disordered eating I’d been beholden to for most of my life, turned on its head. . The closer we can be to everything we share at our tables, the saner and healthier we are. . Sourdough spelt pizza (recipe in my profile) topped with local lardo, onions, olives and mushrooms. Yum :-)