More than half of the flesh we eat is organ meat. We’ve taken organs on in such a way that I often kinda forget there’s other meat (apart from sausages, obviously!) . Here’s why I choose organs: . For health: They are the most nutrient-dense part of the animal. Why buy supplements when you could spend *so* much less on nutrients in situ? . For economy: They are far less expensive than other cuts. . As an act of integrity: I see it is necessary. If I’m going to take an animal’s life, let me do that act rightfully and eat all that it offers. . Here we have a cow’s heart. Usually, I unfussily fry it or throw it in a slow-cooked stew. This time, however a recipe in @lambposts Smoking and Curing book written for @rivercottagehq caught my eye. . I brined the heart for a day in salt, sugar, spices and stout. Then I stuffed it with pancetta, sourdough crumbs, onions and garlic. Now it’s in the slow cooker with onions, carrots and stout. . A few hours yet before we can tuck in.