On the Polish/Czech border are the Krkonoše Mountains. There lives, according to myth, Krakonoš, the God who gave sourdough to the people. He also invented Kyselo, a sourdough soup with mushrooms and caraway seeds. When the mountains are misty, it is said that he’s cooking up a batch of Kyselo. . I got lost in learning about this myth, and other Western Slavic fermented cereal soups, yesterday. It feels like magical manna that helps me create and alchemise in the kitchen. I feel so grateful that technology can bring this kind of information to me and allow me the grace and joy of borrowed ancestral food wisdom to improve my health and delight my taste buds. . So here’s go number three at a sourdough discard soup, my take on this wonderful tradition. I managed to temper the discard well enough this time so it is completely lump-free! I’m half way through writing the recipe up, so if you want to recreate in your kitchen, you’ll have a guide. . If you know anything more about the traditions of fermented cereal soups, come, tell me. I can’t get enough!